Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am still here!

It's been a while since I have posted anything to my blog. So many things have happend in my life and I am sure lots of things have happened in yours. In the past 12 months, I have had several health problems which I have chosen not to post on facebook and in about 10 days, I will have surgery to  take care of a problem that I have struggled with for more than 6 months. There have also been two other issues that have been on going but I refuse to be defeated with even though there has been a lack of support from some people who I really thought were my friends. I have learned that friend is a strong word and maybe a better word would be" associate".  Just a little note to you all, if your friends are not willing to return your calls or check on you when you need them, think, about the defination and see if they are really who you think they are?  It has really been a real struggle!

 I continue to sell at the Moore County Farmer's Market on Sat Mornings from 8am-12pm when I am in town. When I am gone, like I was two weeks ago, to the Bead and Button Show ,my husband, Hinton, has been kind enough to take my things out to the market and sell for me. Know that because, I have not posted many things to this blog, I have tried to keep things up to date on my Odd Designs Facebook page. I will  learn how to post more pictures and be more connected. As I heal and am able to create more, I will become more visual. Thanks you so very much for supporting me and loving what I do! Many Blessings to all of you, Olivia

Thursday, April 7, 2011


For the past 3 months, I have been struggling with a pinched nerve in my neck, which has caused pain in my neck,shoulder, arm, and finger. I have had lots of pain, lot of teary break downs and more than my share of appointments. Some days are worst than others. Some days I have had two appointments. I live somewhere in the middled of these appointments. I drive 10 miles south and then I drive 35 miles north, passing my house when I travel to see about taking care of myself. Oh, it is dreadful passing my house!

I am weary and just want it all fixed so I can get some balance back into my life. I want to create something, anything! My Art and creating it keeps me sane. I keep hoping as the days go by and the appointments keep coming that soon and very soon, I will be able to work like I like to work. Yes, I am a stone cold workaholic and I am happy when I am working, very happy.

There are several major shows that I need to prepare to do. One is the Sanford Pottery Festival that is coming up the end of the month, April 30th and May 1st. The other major show is Bead and Button  in June.Also, I sell at the Moore Cty Farmer's Market on Saturdays and that will be starting back April 16th. When you are a working artist, you understand that if the body is not feeling well,  you can not work, and the business is closed.

I have not missed one apppointment and there has been a lot of them.  I want my Doctors to hear me and to help me deal with the pain, so I can get back to doing what is so important to my well being.

I trust God to be in control! What I want does not always match up with the master plan. But today, for this moment, I want to believe in getting a miracle! I want a miracle for my healing. I want to stop this crazy running up and down the highway. I want a little balance to do some things that make me smile and my soul happy. I want to get back to letting the" Creators create through me!" I don't think that is too much to ask!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Searching for New Marketing Ideas

 It is 6:15 Sat evening and I have spent most of this day searching for new ways to market my Raku and Stoneware clay supplies. I have visited lots of other sites that sell clay supplies. Some of them have had sales that were successful and some are selling at bead shows, ie Tucon and other local shows. I put an adv in a major online magazine. Not one person took advantage of my 20% discount. which was offer for approx 10 days. I am at a loss as to what I need to do, but I will not give up. I've been at this for 22years! Yes, that is a long time, just not selling bead supplies.

I will keep trying new ways to get the message out to my customers. The question  is, how to get repeat purchases? I ship extremely fast. I ship in cute little boxes. I have discounted my shipping rate so low that some times it cost me to ship. I give same token of appreciation most of the time. So how and what do I need to do to keep you coming back to  shop? I am open to all suggestions!  Please send me some feedback and I'll put your name in a drawing for a free gift!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a beautiful Day!

Yesterday, was one of the most beautiful days of this year!  It was not too hot and not too cold. The weather was just right for Cypress Bend's Wine Festival. The jazz music was perfect and for those who enjoyed the wine, it was gooooooood too or at least that is what I was told. See I had to give up those spirits many years ago.  Now, as for me, I had a very hard time  trying not to eat too many grapes. They were really sweet and tasty. Later in the day, we had a few sprinkles of rain which did not ruin the mood of the festival. People came from Lumberton, Southern Pines, Vass, Laurinburg, Chapel Hill, Cary, Sanford, Fayetteville and of course, Wagram! .

There were several vendors their selling crafts, food, honey, pottery, and jewelry. This was the first time my friends Glenda and Kenneth Neilson from D K Clay had been to the winery. Kenneth said, it was really relaxing  just sitting outside. Kenneth's pottery brought lots of attention and to me it was the center of attraction for those who had a passion for our craft. See Kenneth is a master at this pottery stuff and me, I am just using clay as my canvas. I don't have the skills that he has or the patience to get as much done as he does.  I wish you could have seen the new colors that he is making now. You'll get a chance to see them if you come to the North  Carolina State Fair (Pottery Tent)  next month. I will have lots of Christmas ornaments, holiday earrings and maybe a few everyday beaded earrings too. I just never know exactly where the Spirit is going to lead me.  Anyway, next time I'll have to have the camera ready to take a few pictures and share them with you all. We had a great time! Wish you could have been there!

I am new to blogging and I am just tyring to get the hang of it.  Check out my work at http://www.odddesignsnc.etsy.com/  Please share this information with your friends!
More later.................Blessings,Olivia

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Harvest Time!

Fall is the time when it starts to get cooler and darker in the mornings. It is a true signal that it is almost Artist Harvest time!  All the wonderful things that we have created will soon be ready for sale! Now, that is something to be excited about!! I do love this time of the year. It's not too cool and it not too hot, it is just right for the creative juices to flow. I wonder what in the world will happen in my design world next? I'll be sure to let you know just as soon as I find out.

Ooh, tomorrow is Sept 1st and now it is time to get serious about finishing all my new designs for my
fall and winter shows. I do have a quite a few of them. The first one is at Cypress Bend 's Wine Festival on Sept 11th, from 12p until 6pm. I love this little show! The atmosphere is wonderful and the people are great also!   They are still looking for craft vendors.  Do you  have something that you would like to sell? Call them and let Rachel know that you read about this on my blog. 910 369 0411

Also I have been spending lots of time in the Southern Pine's Farmers Market this summer. We are open from 8am until 12 noon. I've introduced a new line of enamel items which goes very well with my other mixed media items. I'm loving every bit of it!! Life is Goooooood. I've met people from all different parts of the world in Southern Pines this summer. It's also most over though. We have September and then October until the 29th with the exception of October 2, which is Autumn Fest. I will be there selling my things along with my friend Sarah Evan who will be selling her dried hydrangeas and homemade jellies. Anyway, we hope to see you there.